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【Scholarship Immediate Application Needed】MEXT Scholarship Japanese Government(MEXT) Scholarship(Graduate International Students)2014

Please read the application guideline, and follow the application procedures.

Application Deadline:2014/11/5

・Application Guideline
・Application Form
・Research Plan

1. Allowance:144,000 yen (monthly) : MA/MBA
145,000 yen (monthly) : PhD
2.Term of Scholarship:2014.10 – 2015.3

In order to apply for this scholarship, please download an Application Form and an Research Plan from above and submit (1)Paper forms to the Office and (2)send the word files to the Office by Email. Both (1)and(2) are required to complete for application.

[Where to apply]
1) Office: Graduate School of Political Science/Economics Office (1st floor Building No.9)

2) Send an Email with the two word files to [email protected]
*Please list your name, student ID number, and contact telephone number
【Important Notice】
An interview will be conducted on 6 or 7 November. Please make yourself available. If you cannot come to the interview, you are not entitled to apply.
*This scholarship is different from the annual MEXT scholarship application.
The application will be open in November, but you are not allowed to apply for the both scholarships.

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