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TAGO Atsushi, Professor



Research Interests

Scientific Study of International Relations

Academic Degrees

  • PhD in Advanced Social and International Studies (University of Tokyo, 2007)

Short Bio

Atsushi Tago is a professor of International Relations at the School of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University (Ph.D. in Advanced Social and International Studies, University of Tokyo, 2007). He is specialized in a scientific study of international politics. More specifically, he publishes articles on American use of force and its coalition of the willing. He also has some works on nuclear proliferation and mass political killing. Currently, he is a Principle Investigator of the project called CROP-IT (Collaborative Research on Political Information Transmission) funded by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, and conducts scientific research on Public Diplomacy. His recent study with co-authors appeared in Political Communication (“To Denounce, or Not To Denounce: Survey Experiments on DiplomaticQuarrels” ), which also turned into a Washington Post Monkey Cage article in 2016 (“Why Putin and Obama use fighting words when they don’t want to fight”). He is a PRIO(Peace Research Institute,Oslo) Global Fellow from 2017.

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