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English Academic Writing Course for Graduate Students at Graduate School of Letters, Arts and Sciences (Introductory)

Research Institute for Letters, Arts and Sciences (RILAS) at Waseda University will hold a course about academic writing in English on Wednesday, October 28. The course introduces how to cite evidence from outside sources to support your arguments in an academic paper. This course is especially suitable for those who are interested in learning how to cite outside sources effectively when writing papers in English.

The course will present two citation styles — Chicago and APA — often used in humanities or social science research papers. To supplement this citation learning, published articles in humanities and/or social science will be analyzed so that you can apply the skills you learn to your own academic papers. The course is a first step for students who plan to submit papers  to WASEDA RILAS JOURNAL or other oversea journals in the future.


Instructor: Peter Chin (Waseda University Academic Solutions Corporation)

Date and time: Wednesday, October 28, 4th period (14:45-16:15)

Venue: Conference Room 1 in Building 33 at Toyama Campus or online live lesson

Language: English

Target: Graduate student at Graduate School of Letters, Arts and Sciences, Waseda University

Level: Introductory

Capacity: 15 students

Application deadline: Tuesday, October 20

Entrance fee: Charge Free

How to apply:

Pre-course assignment: You will be asked to work on an assignment (1 hour or so) before the course. The details will be announced by around October 21. We will inform you whether this course will be held in class/meeting room, or online at the same time.


・We give our faith not to use information which you submit us at entry for any other purpose than contact between you and RILAS before this course. However, the names of your courses at the Graduate School will be shared with Waseda University Academic Solutions Corporation to enrich the course.

・About the detail of WASEDA RILAS JOURNAL, see this Website.


[Course contents]

  • Academic article citation styles and structures in different disciplines

Characteristics of CMS citation style and article structure

Characteristics of APA citation style and article structure

How Japanese sources are presented in English

  • Practice citing evidence using CMS
  • Practice citing evidence using APA

Publishing in academic journals

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