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A Symposium about “Finding Identity”

This symposium, which is organized by GSICCS doctoral students, will be held on Thursday, December 5.

Check out the details below, and come join us!

Finding Identity:

 A decade of transformative media



  1. Does ASEAN Provide a Political Identity? Examples of International Online Newspapers of Singapore, Thailand and Myanmar in the last decade
  2. The Veil, Arab Women and Agency in the Age of Social Media: Negotiating Gendered Practices
  3. Using Online Media to Display a Hybrid Japanese-Caribbean Identity Through Soca Music
  4. Fan Identity and Morality: The ‘Anti’ Movement in the Context of ‘My Hero Academia’ and ‘Voltron’ Fandoms on Twitter



Ms. SAHIN Vuslat Nur

Vuslat Nur Şahin is from Turkey, graduated from Middle East Technical University. She has International Relations B.A and Corporate Finance minor degree and International Relations M.Sc. degree.  Her master thesis titled “Transformation of Japanese Security Policy: From Pacifism to Proactive Policies Between 1976-2018”.  She is alumni of German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Currently a first year PhD student in GSICCS,her project examines ASEAN’s Security from the Perspective of Copenhagen School’s Sectoral Security.



Eman Alkhaja is a doctoral student, currently in her second year in the Graduate School of International Culture and Communications at Waseda University. She is from Bahrain and has lived in Japan for 5 years. Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, she works at the intersection of social media studies, feminist theory, cultural studies and gender studies. Her current research explores the role of social media in the expression of gender in user-generated content by the Arab youth in the Gulf Cooperation Council. It examines gender representations and forms of resistance and non-conformity on social media platforms.


Ms. BHOLA Hayley

Hayley Bhola is a 3rd year doctoral student from the Culture and Media department of GSICCS. She was raised in Grenada in the Caribbean and has spent the past 5 years in Tokyo. Her research revolves around music subcultures in Japan and their role in facilitating cultural exchange while simultaneously creating transcultural identities and spaces.


Ms. LEE On Yee

Lee On Yee from Singapore is a first-year PhD student researching Literature and Japanese Manga, specifically the interaction between these two mediums. She is currently focusing on the transformation of Japanese author Dazai Osamu from literary cult figure to modern popular culture icon. Her other interests include fandom studies, creative writing, and collecting more books before completing the ones she already has. Besides hoping to successfully complete this PhD journey, some of her life goals are to one day have a cat and, ambitiously, to finish reading all the books she has.


Modderator:   Mr. BARLEV Nave


December 5, 2019,  4:30pm~ 6:00pm

Main conference room, 4th floor, Building 11,
Waseda university

Free and open to everyone




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Main conference room, 4th floor, Building 11, Waseda campus


Wed, 27 Nov 2019

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