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KONDO, Mariko


  • TitleProfessor
  • DegreePh.D. in Linguistics (Phonetics) (University of Edinburgh)
  • Directed ResearchSpeech Communication and Language Acquisition
  • Research FieldPhonetics, Phonology, Language Acquisition, Speech Science


I started my career as an English language teacher at high school, but then I went back to university and did an M.A. in Language and Literature in Education at the Institute of Education, London University. Then, I switched my academic discipline to phonetics and did an M.A. in Phonetics at University College London, followed by a Ph.D. in Linguistics (Phonetics) at the University of Edinburgh. After that, I taught at the Universities of Stirling, Edinburgh and Glasgow in Scotland before returning to Japan to teach at Waseda University.

I am interested in both theoretical and practical aspects of language and acquisition research. My main research interests are in phonetics and phonology, especially speech production and perception with a strong focus on acoustic studies, and second+ language phonological acquisition of various languages. Recently, I have been participating in various research projects both as a project leader or a collaborator, including building speech corpora of Asian language speakers of English, evaluating foreign accentedness of English and Japanese, assessing comprehensibility of different varieties of English including communication between non-native speakers, and helping to develop computer-assisted pronunciation training systems of English and Japanese. I have published 10 book chapters, many journal articles and conference proceedings, edited and written the phonology section of a linguistic dictionary, as well as giving many conference and symposium presentations.

I am the director of Waseda University Institute of Language and Speech Science. The institute has hosted several domestic and international conferences, and it has a phonetics laboratory equipped with two anechoic chambers and other experimental facilities. I am also currently the chief editor of the Journal of the Phonetic Society of Japan.

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