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Waseda University Professors Attend Opening Ceremony of the “Festival of Online Learning & Exchanging, 2021” Online

On April 15th, Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ZCMU), a partner university of the Faculty of Human Sciences, held an virtual opening ceremony online to commemorate the launch of a series of online study courses and exchange activities for their students, named ”We Go! Festival of Online Learning & Exchanging, 2021, ZCMU.”This event was held to explore new possibilities for online academic and research exchange with overseas universities, at a time when traveling and face-to-face study abroad is difficult.

Sixteen of the ZCMU’s partner universities from 13 countries and regions gathered online. Dr. Atsushi Ohgihara, Deputy Dean of the Faculty, and Dr. Qun Jin, coordinator of the exchange program with ZCMU, participated in this ceremony. Dr. Ohgihara gave a speech about our educational programs and exchanges with the ZCMU.He expressed his hopes that online opportunities would ensure materialization of the development of cross-border relations and facilitate more lively exchanges between our faculty and staff members. He also expressed excitement for the development of research and human resources that will contribute to the health and well-being of people in both our countries and around the world.

For the time being, it is expected that the travel restriction will continue to be difficult, but the Faculty will continue to promote exchanges with overseas universities by utilizing online exchanges.

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Opening Ceremony Agenda:

Introductory Slides:

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