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As part of its educational philosophy “Independence of Learning”, Waseda University welcomes numerous students from Japan and around the world who possess a certain high level of basic academic ability, a strong intellectual curiosity, and richly progressive spirit in accordance with the University’s philosophy, and a passion to learn.

In particular, the Graduate School of Human Science is not just Integrated Arts and Sciences, but within each Research Field, cutting-edge, new research is currently underway. That is, a comprehensive understanding of humanity is split into 8 different research fields and perhaps even more than that to contribute to the betterment of society. To that end, Waseda University not only accepts students from its own School of Human Science, but also accepts students from Science, Engineering, Medicine, Literature, Law, Economics, etc. undergraduate programs in other parts of Japan and the world.

For the Master’s course, students from various fields holding Bachelor’s Degrees may apply via the General Admission’s Examination while students from School of Human Science in Waseda University may apply through either the General Admission Examination procedure or the Recommended Admission Examination. Also note that many Doctoral Programs have been established in various research fields, numerous students have already received their Doctoral Degree, and advanced specialty research as well as Integrated Arts and Science research is being conducted to foster the next generation of leaders. The Graduate School of Human Sciences is widely open to students not only from Waseda University’s own School of Human Sciences who are interested in Integrated Arts and Science but also to those who possess an expertise in certain disciplines.

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