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Applying for university or faculty interviews


For queries related to the Faculty of Human Sciences (School of Human Sciences, Graduate School of Human Sciences and Advanced Research Center for Human Sciences) or this website, please use the following email address to contact us.

For queries regarding the issuance of certificates to graduates, please check the following.

Faculty research content and activities can be searched for using the following websites.

To request an interview of faculty members, advance consultation regarding Graduate School application, or other specific requests to faculty, please check the websites above, clarify the name of the member you are seeking, and then contact them. The request will then be forwarded to the specified member of faculty by the administrator. In addition, faculty email addresses are available to the public via the Researcher Database. Those addresses can be used to contact them directly if needed.

[email protected]

  • Please enter your full name, area of inquiry (Undergraduate School, Graduate School), and Examinee’s Number (or Student Number).
  • We may be unable to respond to inquiries from mobile phone email addresses, or webmail accounts such as Hotmail.
  • Waseda students should generally use their Waseda-net address when sending inquiries.

We may not be able to answer inquiries which do not meet these requirements.

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