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Azusa Ono Memorial Award

After helping Shigenobu Okuma, Azusa Ono, the person most involved in the creation of Waseda University, formerly known as Tokyo Specialty College, began to shed light on hidden achievements in the spirit of the university’s foundation and in 1958 established the Azusa Ono Memorial Award. Students who exhibit exemplary performance in Academic, Artistic, or Athletic fields receive this award.

Here researches from the Graduate School of Human Sciences that have been chosen for the Azusa Ono Memorial Award are introduced.

Year Field Recipient Research Title
2011 Academic Hiromi Tamada Morphological Analysis of the ICC located outside main muscle layer of the Guinea-Pig Large Intestine
2002 Academic Kazumi Azuma “Effect of muscle architecture on oxygenation in knee extensor during isometric contraction” [3rd Year Doctoral Student・Biological Science Major]
2002 Academic Motoshi Hiratsuka Biomass Increase via Environmental Forestation in Indonesia [2nd Year Masters Student・Biological Science Major]
1995 Academic Emiko Kamikubo Language Medium Efficacy for the Social Movement of Hearing Impaired Persons [2nd Year Masters Student・Health Science Major]
1994 Artistic Takashi Kawai A Unified Stereoscopy・Stereophonic Sound・Environmental Aromatic・Scenography Theater Multimedia Application “Yakushi nyorai” [2nd Year Masters Student・Health Science Major]
1992 Academic Masaki Kakeyama The Role of the Raphe Nuclei in the Brain’s Sexual Differentiation [2nd Year Masters Student・Biological Science Major]
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