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The Department of English Language and Literature was established with the main objective of training English teachers. However, in accordance with the open education philosophy pursued since its establishment, a broad English education is implemented with the goal of producing talented human resources for society in addition to providing training for students aspiring to become teachers.  For this reason, graduates of the Department go on to work in a wide variety of fields, including the civil service, publishing, broadcasting, commerce and finance, as well as education.

Training and research at the Department is divided into four main fields: English language; English and American literature, English education, and English communication. The Department is characterized by its ability to develop advanced English language skills through academic research in specialist fields.  The curriculum has been built on a liberal course design, and students are able to sit courses to meet their individual academic interests.  In the first and second years, students sit a comprehensive selection of compulsory subjects, and by digesting and absorbing the content of these courses they are able to discover the path for their free course selections in the third and fourth years.   A recommended admissions system to the Graduate School of Education is available for students who wish to pursue their academic interests further.

Please see the Department of English Language and Literature website for more details.


  • Focus is given to English as a practical skill, and every effort is made to improve students’ communication skills.
  • Priority is given to backing up English proficiency with academic knowledge.
  • The curriculum allows English to be approached from the dual perspectives of literature and language.
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