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The history of teacher training at Waseda University dates back to 1899, when licensingas junior high school teachers without examinationwas extended to students from private universities as well. In 1903, the year after TōkyōSenmon Gakkō (TōkyōCollege)was renamed Waseda University;the university established the Higher Normal School, predecessor of the post-war School of Education. Maintaining the traditionestablished by this history, Waseda University established the Graduate School of Teacher Education in 2008 as a professional graduate school to train teachers who can serve as leaders in school education. In April 2017, the tenth year of its founding, it was reorganised asthe Graduate School of Education (Professional Degree Program).The Professional Degree Program carries on the philosophy of ‘cultivatingsound teaching skills and sound human skills based on the reciprocation of theory and practice’set forth by the Graduate School of Education. At the same time, the programmehas succeeded in developinga new teacher training system that aims to integrate research into the various specialised sciences pertaining to educational sciences, subject education, and subject content, which are the pride of the Graduate School of Education,with the building of practical skills in schoolsettings. I sincerely look forward to welcoming to Waseda all of you who aspire to become teachers possessingboth advanced theoryand practical abilities, and all of you whoaspire touse your experience in the field to further improve your skills as a teacher.

Kenji Hashimoto
Dean of the Graduate school of teacher education

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