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Teachers’ training in Waseda University began in 1899 when private school students were allowed to become licensed teachers without taking exams. In the past, this opportunity was only available to students of National University.
Tokyo-Senmon Gakko(Tokyo college) was renamed Waseda University in 1902. A year later the former School of Education established four departments: Japanese, Geography and History, Economics, and English. The introduction of the new education law, after the war, led to the establishment and the development of the School of Education.
With this historical background, the Graduate school of Teacher Education was founded in 2008. Its core values included nurturing practical teaching skills and teachers based on theory and practice.
The core values show that the teachers’ training program in Waseda University actively integrates research and practice.
From April 2017, the 10th anniversary of the establishment, The Graduate School of Teacher Education will be restructured as the Department of Specialization in Advanced Teacher Training of The Graduate School of Education.
Based on this restructuring, we will provide a curriculum to effectively solve diverse educational issues and ensure that teachers have received expert training to teach individual subjects.
Please look forward to our new developments.

Hori Makoto
Dean of the Graduate school of teacher education

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