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The Department of Mathematics aims to provide education in a broad range of fields in modern mathematics based on the basic mathematical skills students acquire at senior high school, and to foster human resources equipped with the mathematical skills needed to work in a wide range of fields in society. The curriculum is focused on core lectures in mathematical analysis, algebra, geometry and information mathematics, and is designed to allow students to learn about each field in a systematic way.  Over two years during their third and fourth years, students deepen their learning of specialist fields in small group seminars.  The Department is characterized by the fact that its full-time teachers are specialists in the field of mathematics education.

Graduates go on to fill a broad range of roles in society, including as company employees (particularly in the fields of information and telecommunications, banking and insurance), junior high school and senior high school teachers, and teachers and researchers at universities and research institutions.  What’s more, for students with outstanding results who satisfy certain criteria, there is the possibility of recommended admission to the Waseda University Graduate School of Education, Graduate School of Fundamental Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Creative Science and Engineering or Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering, and a large number of students go on to study at graduate school each year.

Please see the Department of Mathematics website for more details.


  • The Department has a friendly atmosphere, with the undergraduates, postgraduates and teachers working as a united team.
  • Students can study and research a wide choice of seminars in diverse fields over a two-year period.
  • The Department is characterized by the numerous opportunities for communication between students and between students and teachers. Numerous career opportunities open up to graduates, including teacher, civil servant and researcher.
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