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7th Floor Laboratory (Department of Education, Education Major – Educational Psychology Specialization; and Department of Mathematics)
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Research Laboratory
Chemistry Storage Room (Room 406)
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Research Laboratory
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Research Laboratory
Joint Office of the Earth Sciences Specialization and the Open Education Center, Natural Sciences Course (Room 205)
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Physics Laboratory Storage Room (Room 102)
Biology Laboratory Storage Room (Room 110)


The School of Education has the following three computer teaching rooms.   Room 504 on the 5th floor of Building No. 14; Room 408 on the 4th floor of Building No. 16; Room 507 on the 5th floor of Building No. 16

Opening hours

Monday to Friday 10:00-20:00
Saturday 10:00-16:00

(The room will be closed on Sundays, national holidays, and any other holidays designated by the University.)

  • The rooms are free to use during the above hours when not being used for lessons. Rooms are sometimes used for “spot lessons” in addition to regular lessons, so please check the notices displayed in front of each room to check if a room will be used for lessons.

Hardware and software

Please click here for a description of the hardware and software installed in each room

Notes on use

Please note the following when using the computer teaching rooms.

  1. A Waseda-net system ID is needed to boot up a computer. Please ask at the Waseda Portal Office (Room 113, 1st Floor, Building No. 7) with any inquiries about obtaining an ID.
  2. You are free to use any computers that are not being used. If you have any problems with the computers or printers, please ask one of the TAs, who are available at all times.
  3. Please supply your own supplies, such as FDs or copy paper, etc. Please follow your teacher’s instructions regarding lessons.
  4. The following behavior is prohibited. In the event that such behavior occurs, the School of Education may decide to impose disciplinary measures, including suspension or prohibition of the use of computers.
    • Profit-making activity, such as part-time work
    • Behavior that infringes upon legally-prescribed rights, such as copyrights (including illegal copying)
    • Eating, drinking, smoking, sleeping or chatting in the computer room
    • Bringing in other software, such as gaming software (including CD-ROMs), and using this software in the computer room
    • Moving any equipment or fixtures inside the computer room
    • Saving personal data on the hard discs of the computers
  5. The School of Education operates the UNIX System (edu system) for scientific computing. Please see the following website for more details.
  • The School of Education’s LL Room is Room 509 on the 5th Floor of Building No. 16.
  • The School of Education’s LL Storage Room (reception counter) is next to the Service Room on the 2nd Floor of Building No. 16.

Opening hours for the LL Storage Room (reception counter)

Times when lessons are being held Times when lessons are not being held
Monday to Friday 9:00-17:00 Room closed
Saturday 9:00-14:00 Room closed
  • The room will be closed on Sundays, national holidays, and any other holidays designated by the University.
  • Printers may only be used when the LL Storage Room is open. (Print requests will only be accepted up to 5 minutes before the room is scheduled to close.)

Using the LL Room for self-study

The following four programs are available to use during self-study hours (Monday to Friday, 9:00-17:00, when lessons are not being held) at the School of Education’s LL Room (Room 509, 5th Floor, Building No. 16.).

Program display Details
L Listening to cassettes using your own recorder
1 Not used
2 Not used
3 Not used
4 Not used

You can change the display by pressing the PROGRAM buttons in order: L→1→2→3→4

Notes on use

Please be aware of the following when using the LL Room.

  1. The room contains precision equipment.Eating,drinking and smoking are strictly prohibited as this can cause equipment to malfunction. Always place wet umbrellas in the designated umbrella stand at the entrance to the room, and do not bring them to the booths.
  2. An operations manual can be found at each booth. Always read the manual before operation.
  3. The room’s equipment and fixtures are there to be shared by everybody. Always keep them clean.
  4. Please inform staff at the LL Storage Room (next to the Service Room on the 2nd Floor of Building No. 16.) if any equipment malfunctions.
  • The School of Education’s Service Room is on the 2nd Floor of Building No. 16.
  • The room contains printers (a special card is needed to use the printers), report submission boxes, and an area with materials distributed by the university for students.

Opening hours

Lesson times Monday to Saturday 9:00 to 21:00 (The room will be closed on Sundays, national holidays, and any other holidays designated by the University.)
Summer and winter vacation opening hours Monday to Friday 9:00 to 19:30 (The room will be closed on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and any other holidays designated by the University.)

* Printers may only be used after carrying out the prescribed procedures for obtaining prior approval from a teacher, and only during the LL Room opening hours.

  • The School of Education’s Audiovisual Room is Room 503 on the 5th Floor of Building No. 14.
  • The Audiovisual Storage Room is Room 512 on the 5th Floor of Building No. 14.

Opening hours for the Audiovisual Storage Room (reception counter)

Monday to Friday 9:00-17:00
Saturday 10:00-14:00

(The room will be closed on Sundays, national holidays, and any other holidays designated by the University.)

Audiovisual Room website

Characteristics and mission of the Audiovisual Room

Room 503 on the 5th Floor of Building No. 14 (the Audiovisual Room) is used mostly for lectures and practical training (such as “Theory and Practice in Audiovisual Education Media”), which form an essential part of any teacher training school. This is a specialist course which is necessary to obtain a license as a community education supervisor, museum curator or librarian. The mission of the Audiovisual Room is to support lectures and practical lessons in specialist courses related to educational engineering and audiovisual education, which are an essential component of any teacher training school. The room offers the following two main types of support: firstly, it supports students aiming to become teachers as they go about acquiring the skills needed to use information appliances. Acquiring the skills needed to use information appliances can include basic knowledge on the different types of information appliances used as educational media, or studying evaluation methods. The room also supports the acquisition of skills needed to create teaching materials, which is an essential skill for students wanting to be involved in adult education. In-house training has become an increasingly important part of companies’ activities in recent years, including mass media companies. The question of what teaching materials are most effective for adult education has become increasingly relevant.

The Student Reading Room is a reading room for use by students of the school. The room contains textbooks used on the Teacher Education Program, books purchased on the request of students and textbooks and other materials used in lessons. The reading room contains a photocopier that can be operated using the same card used in the library.


Automated access with user card (student ID, faculty and staff ID, library card, Waseda card, etc.)
* If you are a member of the university but you do not possess a library card, please ask for one to be issued at the Central Library Information Counter.

Lending books

Number of books and loan period Normal lending…5 books for 14 days
* Borrowed books can be renewed twice up to 14 days per renewal using a WINE terminal. However, please note that when a request has been received from another user or lending is suspended for a particular book, it will not be possible to renew the book even within the renewal period.
Qualification for lending Undergraduates, postgraduates, teachers and staff, and holders of a library green card
Out of hours returns Please use the Student Reading Room returns box to return books outside of opening hours.  * Please be aware that any books returned this way will be deemed to have been returned as of the next day the library is open.

Opening hours

Normal opening hours are as follows:

Weekdays 9:00-22:00
Saturday 9:00-18:00

※Closures: the room will be closed on days designated as holidays under the University’s rules and at any other times deemed to be necessary.


School of Education Student Reading Room (B1, Building No. 14) TEL: 03-5286-0648

The Teaching Careers Advice Room was established in 1978 to provide information to students aspiring to become teachers about state school and private school teacher employment examinations, and to offer support for students sitting these examinations. The room is permanently staffed by “teaching careers advisors” who are graduates of Waseda University and have experience working as head teacher of schools. Support is given to students aspiring to become teachers through one-to-one consultations and interview support, etc. If you are hoping to sit a teacher employment examination it is recommended that you visit the Teaching Careers Advise Room as soon as possible to begin preparation. Please start simply by paying a visit to the room. A broad range of support is offered, from elementary school through to senior high school.

Eligible users

Waseda University undergraduate students, postgraduate students, and graduates


Room 202, Building No. 14, Waseda Campus

Opening times

Monday to Friday 10:00 – 17:00 (closed from 12:30 to 13:30)
Saturday 10:00 – 15:00

* The room is closed on Saturdays during the summer and winter vacations. As a general rule, the room is closed during the University-wide holidays in August and during the year-end/ New Year holidays. Information on changes to opening hours will be displayed on the notices in front of the Teaching Careers Advice Room and on the Waseda-net portal.

Main content of consultations and instruction

  1. Provision of information about teacher job-seeking and a variety of consultations on the process of becoming a teacher
  2. Explanations of the content that needs to be prepared for state school and private school teacher employment examinations (essay instruction, mock lesson preparation, interview preparation, etc.)
  3. A reading corner for teacher employment examination past papers and various informative magazines
  4. A noticeboard containing information on teacher recruitments and educational volunteering opportunities
  5. Teaching Careers Advice Seminar

Teaching Careers Advice Seminar

In addition to explanations from the teaching career advisors, Waseda University graduates who are currently working at schools as head teachers or teachers are invited to give information about the latest teacher employment examinations and detailed instructions on teacher job-seeking. More details are provided on the departmental noticeboards, the Waseda-net portal and the Teacher Education Program website.


Tel: 03-3203-0921 (direct line) or 03-3203-4141; Fax: 03-3208-8204

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