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From the Dean

Welcome to the Graduate School of Education

The Graduate school of education was established in 1990 inheriting the traditions of the former school of education, which was founded in 1903.

Not only is it a pioneer in our school for a graduate school to have both the master’s and doctorial courses based on the foundation provided by the school of education, it is also one of a very few graduate schools in Japan to train both researchers and teachers.

Also with the Graduate school of teacher education becoming a professional degree in the Graduate school of education from the year 2017, it will even provide a richer, complete education and research system.

We offer five master’s course majors – Educational Science major・Japanese Language and Literature Education major・English Language Education major・Social Studies Education major・Mathematics Education major; and two doctoral majors – Fundamental Studies of Educational Sciences major・Curriculum Area Sciences major.

In addition to carrying out research in various pedagogical fields and course education studies, an emphasis is placed on research in a variety of interdisciplinary fields that support course content.

Not limiting the research of education or education studies in a narrow sense, researching diverse fields professionally is one of the distinct features of our research course. This can be seen in the many doctoral degrees (Education, Interdisciplinary Studies and Science) one can acquire at the school.

Also, we have a professional program called the Department of teaching and school leadership, which inherits the philosophy and performance of Graduate school of teacher education established in 2008, which will be added as a professional degree, designed to develop teachers with high professionalism and capacity.

In addition to research instruction in each specialist field, the Graduate School has encouraged students to obtain a broad perspective by offering cross-department selective courses in master’s program and by introducing a “composite credit system” as part of the doctoral program, and students are encouraged to utilize this broad perspective in their own research.

The selective courses offered across the master’s program include practical courses such as a classroom management internship, and a well-developed curriculum to meet the needs of aspiring teachers.

We are living in an era of “lifelong learning” and one of the Graduate School’s important missions is the re-education of all members of society, including current teaching staff.  The doctoral course provides an entrance examination system to encourage all members of society to sit the examinations, including special selection examinations for master’s program and professional examinations for doctoral courses that are open to working adults.

The Graduate School has produced many outstanding researchers and teachers. However, we are not satisfied with the status quo and we strive to provide attractive learning opportunities for all of our students.  Our sincere hope is to see as many students as possible deepening their learning in their respective fields of study at the Graduate School and fostering the ability to build a brighter future.

Dean of the Graduate school of education
Hashimoto Kenji

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