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In April 2000, the School in Education established an interdisciplinary program with the aim of fully utilizing the comprehensive nature of the School (which encompasses numerous specialist fields, from the natural sciences through to the humanities and social science) in order to foster human resources with the skills needed to overcome the multifaceted challenges of modern society. The Department of Cultural Sciences (which was established in April 2007 as the successor to the interdisciplinary program) aims to develop this interdisciplinary content even further.

The Department is rooted in a philosophy of fostering the ability to take a pluralistic and multifaceted approach to analyzing “culture” in the broad sense of everything that affects humankind. In addition, the specialist study of foreign languages other than English (chosen from German, French, Chinese, Russian and Spanish) allows students to develop multiple perspectives on culture and society. By acquiring skills in telecommunications networks technology, students also develop the ability to collect, edit and communicate information.

The Department of Cultural Sciences aims to create problem-finding and problem-solving educational value.Its goal is to foster human resources capable of overcoming the challenges faced by modern society and addressing the phenomena of modern culture using bold approaches from multiple perspectives.

Please see the Department of Cultural Sciences website for more details.

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  • Analyze a variety of cultural phenomena, including sub-culture, from multiple perspectives
  • Develop multiple perspectives on culture and society by acquiring foreign language skills other than English
  • Acquire skills in telecommunications networks technology in order to develop the ability to collect, edit and communicate information
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