Online virtual tour for Toyama Campus is officially launched

Online virtual tour for Toyama Campus is officially launched

Mon, Nov 11, 2019
Online virtual tour for Toyama Campus is officially launched

Click or tap on the image to take a virtual tour of Toyama Campus

Waseda University has officially launched the virtual campus tour for Toyama Campus in English. From lecture halls to cafeterias and library, the virtual tour introduces the different kinds of facilities that Waseda students use daily. Additionally, narrations by one of our students are also included to give an overview of the history and other interesting facts about these facilities. Visitors can also catch a better glimpse of student life at Waseda by viewing the photo gallery added to every single campus site.

Every year, more and more international students from overseas come to study at Waseda University. In 2018 alone, almost 8,000 international students were studying on our campuses—the highest number among all universities in Japan. To further diversify its student body, the University aims to increase the number of international students to 10,000 by its 150th year of founding anniversary in 2032.

We hope that the online virtual tour would give international students who are considering studying at Waseda a better idea of what our campuses are like without having to travel all the way from their home countries.

The virtual campus tour is proudly brought to you by the Office of Information & Public Relations, Waseda University. We would like to thank all students and staff who have contributed and helped make it possible.

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