[Training] Contact Method from Waseda University

We are using this method for Emergency Training

[Training period] 2016/11/16(Wed) 18:00 – 11/22(Tue) 18:00(As scheduled)

(1) “Waseda University Emergency Communication Site” Access to the site and check the message and Bookmark the site to your PC and Smartphone.

(2) Continue access to the “Safety Report Form” Fill in your whereabouts and needed information and remember to Bookmark this site also.

[Reference] Procedures due to Bad Weather

The School will not decide full closure only by the weather warning from the Meteorological Agency. However if they predict severe weather such as heavy rain flood, hurricane, heavy snow storm, the school may decide to take the procedures below:

  1. School may decide for an early closure when the Meteorological Agency predicts severe weather conditions. In that case, the decision will be made by 7PM on the day before the closure, and the announcement will be made on the University’s official website by 9PM.
  2. Class close and suspension must be announced 60minutes before class and will be posted on the University’s official website. The school will make an effort to announce closure of class 2 hours before time.
    * Includes Nishi Waseda Campus and Art and Architecture School
    * Excludes Both High schools and Extention School

Method of Information

  1. Waseda University Emergency Communication Site – Yahoo! Blog
    * You can access through the smartphone application ”Waseda Mobile”
    How to install Waseda Mobile: Search for [Waseda Mobile] and download
    iOS: AppStore
    Android: Google Play
  2. MyWaseda
  3. Waseda University official Twitter
  4. Waseda University official Facebook
  5.  Waseda University website Top page

Exceptional Cases

On demand classes are non-applicable.

When classes are held between two campuses, if one campus is closed, the class on the other campus will also be closed. However if there is a big difference of the size of the class between the two campuses, the large class may choose to open class with consideration towards the small size class.

Ex. Waseda campus has 100 students and Honjo campus has only 10 students.
If Honjo campus chooses to close class, with consideration towards them, Waseda campus may decide to open class without the Honjo campus students.

Students must follow the school procedure at all times. Exclude situations when the weather condition or transportation conditions are at a point of making judgements on whether to make the journey to school. At no time should they compromise their own personal safety. If they choose to stay home, they can hand in an absence sheet issued by the school office and ask the instructor for consideration.

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