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“Wa-KIZUNA” – Waseda Global Alumni Association Event

On Saturday, December 12, 2020, the overseas Tomonkai world networking event, entitled “Wa-KIZUNA – Stand strong Waseda students!” and organized by the New York Tomonkai, was held. “Wa” in “Wa-KIZUNA” stands for “Waseda,” and the Japanese words for “Circular (輪)” and “Harmonious (和).” The event marks the first activities of the Global Alumni Association to take place online due to the corona pandemic. Goals of the organization include strengthening the bonds of alumni who are present around the world and working cooperatively to develop the Waseda University Global Network.

On the day of the event, a total of over 130 alumni from around the world connected with each other, including Japan’s Ambassador to the US, Shinsuke Sugiyama, and professional figure skater, Fumie Suguri. President Aiji Tanaka and Vice President Akira Mandai also participated and shared in the wonderful time with everyone. A great success, the occasion also saw the association reach its target amount of donations. With everyone’s help, they were able to raise about $ 13,000. The donations received will be effectively put toward the COVID-19 Emergency Student Assistance Fund.

We look forward to your continued support and cooperation in the activities of Waseda University.


2020年12月12日(土)に海外稲門会世界大会「 “Wa-KIZUNA”コロナに負けるな早大生」をニューヨーク稲門会の主催により、オンラインで開催いたしました。「Wa-KIZUNA」の”Wa”は早稲田、輪、和を意味します。コロナパンデミックの災禍ゆえの、オンラインでつながる世界的な校友会活動の最初と位置づけ、全世界に広がる校友の絆を強固にし、早稲田大学グローバル・ネットワークを相互に発展していくことを目的としています。



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