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Through the generous donations of North American alumni, WASEDA USA is able to support a number of projects at Waseda University. WASEDA USA is grateful for the generous contributions it receives from friends and alumni of Waseda. WASEDA USA will help fund projects such as:

  • programs designed to improve international and inter-cultural understanding on the part of students, faculty and staff of the University
  • financial aid for Waseda students studying in North America
  • financial aid for North American students to study at WASEDA
  • support for educational activities and risk management coordination for WasedaUniversity students who are studying in North America
  • assist with collaboration activities in relation to partner universities in the US and other organizations
  • make grants to the University for specific educational purposes which WASEDA USA has reviewed and of which it has approved

 If you would like to help WASEDA USA continue its work, you can give a donation by Contribution with Check or Money Order. 

※Contributions to WASEDA USA, a tax-exempt private operating foundation under Section 501 (C) (3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code, are tax-deductible by persons subject to United States income taxation.

Contribution with Check or Money Order

Please make a check or money order payable to WASEDA USA, and indicate “Donation” on the check. Please send the check along with the downloadable “Contribution Application Form”.

Send to: 

WASEDA USA, San Francisco Office
64 Shattuck Square, Suite 220,
Berkeley, CA 94704

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