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Global Leadership Fellows Program

To nurture future leaders for the coming century, Waseda and select prominent American universities have established the Global Leadership Fellows Program (GLFP). The aim of the program is to identify students of promise in multiple fields of study and promote their development as leaders in today’s world. The program helps develop leaders who have a solid knowledge of and respect for the histories, cultures and societies of both Asian and Western countries as well as the ability to make sound judgements and decisions informed by that knowledge, and who possess personal communication skills and embody values respected around the world, such as courage, trust, and a commitment to service, in addition to high intellectual and analytical abilities.

General Exchange Program

Waseda University has over 800 partnerships with higher education institutions globally, more than 200 of which are in North America. These relationships provide valuable opportunities to students at both the partner institutions and Waseda to study abroad in semester-long and year-long exchange programs. Every year, Waseda welcomes close to 100 exchange students from the US and Canada. In addition to taking courses in English in subjects, such as Japanese culture, history, business, etc., students learn Japanese through the Center for Japanese Language, located on campus. Accommodation options include dormitories, independent apartment living and homestay, where students can further  immerse themselves in their Japanese surroundings.

Research Fellowships

Waseda University Senior Fellowship in Japanese Studies

This Fellowship program offers faculty members in Japanese Studies at higher education institutions outside of Japan the  opportunity to undertake 2-12 months of research at Waseda University in Tokyo. It also aims to provide Waseda students the opportunity to learn Japanese history, culture and society from new perspectives by having the Fellows do limited teaching during their stay.

Waseda University Tsunoda Senior Fellowship Program

This program was established in commemoration of the achievements of Dr. Ryusaku Tsunoda, who, as a Waseda alumnus and a professor at Columbia University, served as a bridge between Japan and the United States. Waseda University established this Fellowship with the goal of fostering academic exchange between Columbia and Waseda faculty members. Included in the award is one round-trip flight for the recipient to attend the program, an apartment accommodation, suitable for up to 3 or 4 family members, and a monthly allowance to put toward living expenses.

Waseda University Asakawa Senior Fellowship Program

This program was established in commemoration of the achievements of Dr. Kan’ichi Asakawa, who, as a Waseda alumnus and a professor at Yale, served as a bridge between Japan and the United States. The fellowship supports researchers who are invited from Yale University to carry out research at Waseda. Similar to the Tsunoda Senior Fellowship Program, the purpose is to foster academic exchanges and friendly relations between Yale University and Waseda University by promoting collaborative research among the invitees, university faculty and graduate students.

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