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Waseda University was founded in 1882 by Shigenobu Okuma, later Prime Minister of Japan, with the aim of fostering contemporary Japanese leaders. It has since developed into a comprehensive university with now more than fifty thousand students and staff, comprising 13 Undergraduate Schools, 23 Graduate Schools, and other Research and Affiliated Institutes. The pedagogy and spirit embraced through Waseda’s tradition and pride with a flexible and innovative mindset have ensured that Waseda stands firm at the forefront of Japanese education.

Waseda USA was formed on May 1, 2008, under the New York Not-for-Profit Corporation Law. It was organized generally to promote the interests of Waseda University (Tokyo, Japan) and its affiliates (the “University”).

In furtherance of this purpose, its mission is to establish and support U.S.-based associations of University alumni, conduct fundraising campaigns on behalf of the University and raise funds for its own account. Waseda USA intends to use the funds it raises for its own account to,

(i) finance, develop and administer programs designed to improve international and inter-cultural understanding on the part of students, faculty and staff of the University who are studying, teaching or working in the United States under programs sponsored thereby,

(ii) provide administrative, logistical, financial, educational and similar assistance to such students, faculty and staff in order to provide them with more beneficial experiences during their stays in the United States,

(iii) make grants to the University for specific educational purposes which Waseda USA has reviewed and of which it has approved, and

(iv) defray the costs of its operations.

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