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Coordinating English Fun!

pic130715Jenny Hu
Exchange Student, School of International Liberal Studies

I decided to coordinate the English Hour because I thought it would be fun and that I would be able to meet new people. The English Hour is a bi-monthly event where students of all nationalities come together to have a casual conversation in English. It’s not a serious pronunciation or grammar lesson with a native speaker, but a chance for students to practice their English with other enthusiastic students of all nationalities and English levels.

pic130715-2As a coordinator it was my duty to introduce myself, play a short icebreaker game and simply facilitate and encourage casual conversation for an hour. While preparing for the Hour, I had trouble coming up with an ice breaker, but finally I found one: Two Truths and One Lie. Each student writes three facts about themselves, two of which are true and one which is false. The student then presents these three facts to the others in their group and asks them to guess which one is false. Surprisingly, it went really well as you get to find out what kind of impression or image other people have of you and you can also learn interesting facts about others too.

pic130715-3For the topics, I decided to choose some that would interest everyone in general. To present these, I did a PowerPoint to explain the icebreaker and topics. On the day of the event, of course, I was really nervous at the beginning since I had never coordinated anything before. Everyone was really quiet, a bit too quiet for my liking… However, when everyone broke into small groups and began doing the ice breaker, I felt the tension lessen. I noticed people smiling, laughing, and doing their best to talk in English. Before I knew it, the event was already over!

Thinking back on it now, there was really no need to be nervous since the atmosphere was really casual and friendly. The ICC staff members were there to support you, too. Overall, I had lots of fun. I was really glad I got to coordinate the English Hour and would love to do it again!

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