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Waseda Symphony Orchestra ~Orchestra, at Waseoke~

Europe tour 2018 @Vienna Musikverein


Us, Waseda Symphony Orchestra Tokyo or more commonly known as “Waseoke” would like to welcome you to our circle. Whether it be performing in large concert halls such as the pristine Suntory Hall or starting off the Entrance Ceremony with our Alma Mater, we take part in many activities and performances all around Tokyo. Receiving lessons and teachings from professional Orchestral performers and conductors, all ~250 members strive to make music together and have fun in the process. 

Basic Information
  • Club Name: Waseda Symphony Orchestra
  • Year of Founding: 1913
  • Genre:  Music
  • Activity Date: very Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 6:00 pm to 9:00.
  • Member Composition: Composition: Gender Ratio 2:1(Female:Male), Student Grade Year Ratio 1:1:1:1, International Students: Around 3 to 4 members per grade.
  • Location: Student Union BuildingWaseda Hoshien Facilities, and Culture Centers around Tokyo
  • Website:
  • SNS Account or Contacts:
  • Special Event or Other Information:
    May.    Spring Concert
    Sep.     Summer Training Camp
    Oct.     Autumn Concert Waseda Festival Performance
    Dec.    Subscription Concert
    Jan. New Year Concert
    Feb.     Spring Training Camp
    Mar.    End of Year Concert

204th Regular Concert @Suntory Hall

Aizu Museum Concert (Performance Request) @Aizu Museum

Chamber Concert (Brass Quintet)

Chamber Concert (String Quartet)

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