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Japanese Historic Monument Association ~Don’t Study Culture, Go Explore It.

 Interested in exploring Japanese temples and shrines? Want to learn about various forms of art and the culture of the world? Then you are in the right place! Anyone who shares a similar interest is welcome here. Due to the pandemic, we are currently active online, but we are hoping to resume our field trips and camps as soon as the situation gets better. We are also trying new activities such as online quiz sessions! 

Basic Information
  • Club Name:  Japanese Historic Monument Association 
  • Year of Founding: 1972 (Next year marks our 50th anniversary!) 
  • Genre: Culture/History/Art 
  • Activity Date:
    Before the Pandemic: Once a Week Monday/Wednesday (rotates every week) starting from 18:30 at our club room. 
    During the Pandemic (Temporary situation): Online, once or twice a month. Starting from 18:30. Schedule decided every month. 
  • Member Composition: Composition: 34 Members (M26 F8) The ratio of gender differs from year to year  2 International students
  • Location: Our club room in the student hall (Toyama Campus), online 
  • SNS Account or Contacts:
    Instagram: @wabisabi_waseda 
    Twitter: @kojibutsu 
    Email: [email protected] We recommend you to contact us via Email or Instagram as you can expect faster response. 
  • Special Event or Other Information: Schedule planned after the pandemic   
    Fieldtrip: Explore historic monuments/buildings/places around Tokyo and Yokohama. Approx. once a month 
    Camps twice a year. 
    (Of course, none of these events is mandatory) 

The head of Bodhisattva from Northern Wei dynasty. Tokyo National Museum. Tokyo National Museum is a great destination for our field trips as they have many statues of Buddha from all over the world and we can visit the regular exhibition for free with our student ID!

One of the previous destinations of our field trips was the Holy Resurrection Cathedral in Tokyo. Many people think we only discover the temples and shrines, but our interest is much, much broader than that. We talk about various historic buildings, arts and monuments, including the world heritage sites all over the world.

Yokohama Kuan Ti Miao (The temple for the famous warrior Guan Yu). One of the places we would love to visit for our field trips. Located in the famous Yokohama Chinatown, this temple has a very different atmosphere from the Japanese temples.

Omizutori at Todaiji Temple in Nara. We used to enjoy this every year during our spring camp before the pandemic, and we plan to resume it as soon as the pandemic is over.

Our ultra-relaxing club room with tatami mats.


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