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Waseda Mountain Bike Circle WFR ~The Only Official University-Recognized Mountain Bike Circle In Japan~

THE ONLY OFFICIAL RECOGNIZED MOUNTAIN BIKE CLUB! People who want to do minor sports, new things, outdoor sports are welcome! We’ll go to bike parks and do camping and touring during vacation! We have bicycles for rent! No Requirements for Joining! Beginners are welcome!  

Basic Information
  • Club Name: Waseda Mountain Bike Circle WFR 
  • Year of Founding: 1969
  • Genre: Sports/Bicycle 
  • Activity Date: Daytime of Weekend
  • Member Composition: Male:20, Female:1, Enrolled equally in each grade, international student:0 (1 student returned to home country in last semester)  
  • Location: Mountains in Kanto Region
  • Website:
  • SNS Account or Contacts:
    Twitter : @wfr_bot
    Email: [email protected]   

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