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Environment Rodorigues ~We contribute to solve environmental problems from a variety of approaches

“I’m interested in environmental problems!”  “I want to enjoy university life!”  Do you think like that?  Of course, anyone is welcome.  At Environment Rodrigues, we are divided into six sections, and involved in environmental issues with different approaches. Each project is free to join once a week, so even if you’re busy with your part-time job or other club, you can easily join in our activities. We are also active in pandemic of COVID-19, holding online events and conducting fieldwork with infection control measures. If you want to know more about us, please contact us via Social media and visit us! 

Basic Information
  • Club Name: Environment Rodorigues 
  • Year of Founding: 1997
  • Circle Type: Official Recognized Clubs 
  • Genre: Volunteer
  • Activity Date: Every department is once a week.  Time is 18:00-20:00.  Please check homepage or official line if you want to know in detail 
  • Member Composition: ratio of gender☞3:2 ratio of school year☞Juniors SophomoresFreshmen36 people23 people16 people international student members☞1person  
  • Location: Zoom or student hall 
  • Website: 
  • SNS Account or Contacts:
    Twitter: @ER_rodo
    Instagram: @er_rodo

  • Special Event or Other Information:
    April: Welcome new students, Garbage picking event
    May: Camp for new student, Camp for maintaining mountain in Chiba
    July: Test period, Soccer game by Waseda university (Garbage separation)
    August: Camp for environmental education in Fukui, Camp for local activation in Niigata, Camp for supporting for Earthquake in Miyagi
    September: One of the biggest festivals in Waseda university
    October: One of the biggest festivals in Waseda university
    November: One of the biggest festivals in Waseda university, Camp for enjoying us, Camp for maintaining mountain in Chiba, Event for environmental education in Waseda
    December: environmental contest, Ceremony for Juniors 


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