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China (Shanghai)


Watching TV shows and movies, travelling, sports (jogging, swimming and badminton), cooking, etc.

Why did you apply to become an SSL?

When I was a freshman, I participated lots of events of the ICC. I think ICC brought me lots of warmth and happiness to my life in Waseda and Japan because at the beginning of my college life, I was not confident in myself and did not have many friends. The staff from the ICC are very kind and open minded, so I wanted to become one of them. When I came back from study aboard, I felt myself more confident and better at communicating with others. I think I am capable to help those international students like I used to be so I applied for ICC. 

What does work as an SSL mean to you?  Please say something about diversity or intercultural communication.

I think working as an SSL really provides me with the opportunities to talk to different people, such as our staff, event participants, supports, foreign visitors or general public. I think my experience here will definitely be part of the best memories of my college life. Also, I think in lots of cases, misunderstandings or bias are not related to diversity but ignorance. That’s why I believe that in order to better understand each other, the first step we should take is to know each other. I am glad to be part of the ICC who is trying to popularize the ideas of different cultures and providing the opportunities for everyone to talk to each other.  


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