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【Sign Up Period: Oct. 27 -Nov. 25, 9:00AM】 ICC Online Talk Session: The Future Written by Huawei ~Towards new challenges~ (Dec. 2)
Guest Speaker: Mr. Guo Yu (The General Manager of Public & Industrial Relationships Department, Tokyo office at Huawei Japan Co., Ltd)


Hello everyone!
What kinds of keywords and images do you have when you hear the name “Huawei”?

Huawei is a Chinese company that manufactures and sells communication devices. Since its establishment in 1987, it has grown rapidly and its market share is not limited to China.

Recently, Huawei’s consumer division has been a stand out performer, having reached over 240 million units shipped per year it is now the number 2 smartphone maker in the world behind only Apple with a record high world market share of 17%.

Huawei is also making inroads into Japan!
According to an analysis by the British think tank Oxford Economics, Huawei brought an economic impact of 766 billion yen to the Japanese market in 2018.

In this ICC talk session, we would like to talk about the issues that Huawei Japan has met in the process of “localizing” its business strategy which was emphasized when entering Japan!
Moreover, in the situation where new innovation is required for trade friction problems and the change of world’s economy and circumstances, this talk session will also talk about what kind of “Future vision and vision of the world” that Huawei will pursue to challenge the global market!

This event will be held online using Zoom. This is a valuable opportunity for Waseda students and everyone who is interested to learn new business perspectives and strategies even at home!
Especially in the latter half of this event, we have set up a session where participants can directly interact with the guest speakers!
Feel free to ask questions and exchange opinions about the online environment and its effects on society that you cannot understand fully just from looking at the news.

We look forward to your participation!

Date & Time

Dec. 2, 2020 (Wed.) 18:15-19:45 (Access open: 6:00pm)
For those entering earlier than 6pm, please wait in the waiting room while we get ready for the event


Hosted online(via Zoom Meeting)
We will be sending out the Zoom invitation link the day before the event.


Waseda Students & Staff


Japanese (Questions and Answers are in English and Japanese)




Required. Please register through MyWaseda.
(In the event that a large number of applications are received, a random lottery will be held to select participants, with the results announced by email on the application deadline day.)

Application Deadline

Nov 25 (Wed.), 9:00am

Guest Profile

Mr. GUO YU (a.k.a. KAKU Takashi)
He is the General Manager of Public & Industrial Relationships Department, Tokyo office at Huawei Japan (Huawei Japan).
Born in Shanghai, China and after obtaining a PhD in Yamagata University, he spent 10 years at one of the world’s leading network equipment companies in the U.S., focusing on the development of IP mobility and related products and the creation of application markets. After joining Huawei, he was instrumental in creating new markets using 5G, IoT and smart vehicle technologies.
He has been engaged in business ecosystem strategy and partnership building in the ICT industry since 2020.


Huawei Japan Co., Ltd


TEL: 03-5286-3990
E-mail:[email protected]

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Fri, 16 Oct 2020

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