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★SDC Collaboration Event No.2★
ICC Movie Screening: “The Fault in Our Stars” -A love story that makes us think again about the meaning of life- (Apr 24)


“The Fault in Our Stars”

From the best selling novel by John Green comes a film that paints a picture of the beauty found by a couple living each day on the verge of death from their illness.

Released worldwide, their way of facing their illness and disability and how they live life treasuring every moment reminds us how each person finds meaning in life and the meaning of loving another person. Regardless of the audiences’ nationality, the film is a real tear-jerker.

This time at the ICC, we have decided to hold a screening of this film focusing on accepting various ways of living and values of people in these special circumstances like the main characters.
After the screening, there will be a mixing time with snacks and drinks where you can chat casually with other participants about the film and its themes.

So if you missed this one at the cinema, if you love film, if you want to cry at a beautiful fleeting story, or if you’re studying about diversity, come along and join this event.

Don’t miss this chance to see this blockbuster movie for free and share the moving emotions with everyone!


Hazel, the main character of this story, has terminal cancer. Eventually persuaded by her mother to attend a cancer patient support group, there she meets Augustus who has had one of his legs amputated to treat his own bone cancer. Afraid of wounding him with her inevitable death, Hazel tries to keep her distance. However Augustus stubbornly resolves to make her turn around and see him by using his own “make a wish” to give her a great surprise…

“The Fault in Our Stars” Official Homepage

Date & Time

April 24 2019(Wed)4:30pm~7:30pm(Doors open: 4:15pm)


Film Screening (Waseda Small Theater Dramakan)
Cafe Time ICC Lounge (1F, Bldg 3)


4:15pm‐4:30pm Reception
4:30pm‐6:40pm Film Screening @ Waseda Small Theater Dramakan
6:50pm‐7:30pm Cafe time @ ICC Lounge (1F, Bldg 3)

Please inform us of your request 2 weeks before the event (Apr 10) if you want to consider PC character interpretation, sign language interpretation, on-site guidance, seating etc. We will provide help as much as possible after consulting.


Waseda Students, Staff and General Public


Not required (50 seats, first come first serve)




English (with Japanese subtitles), Cafe time in any language you like!


Office for Students with Disabilities


TEL: 03-5286-3990
E-mail: [email protected]

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Film Screening (Waseda Small Theater Dramakan) / Cafe Time ICC Lounge (1F, Bldg 3)


Fri, 15 Feb 2019

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