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ICC Talk session: “Alibaba Group Connecting Japan and the World” -To make it easy to do business anywhere- (Dec.12)
Guest: Mr. Toyohito Tanaka (Executive Vice President of Alibaba Japan and Chief Operating Officer of Ant Financial Japan)


Alibaba Group has been expanding its marketplace onto the world stage through the Internet.
Now, it has developed into an online mobile commerce company which has the largest distribution of merchandise in the world. Its name has achieved fame not only domestically in China, but also throughout the world.
Did you know that Alibaba’s services are expanding into Japan through, amongst other things, providing services to help Chinese tourists?

ICC has invited Mr. Toyohito Tanaka, the Executive Vice President of Alibaba Japan as well as the Chief Operating Officer of Ant Financial Japan, as a guest speaker for our talk session.

In an era where relations between Japan and China are growing increasingly important, he will talk about the problems that Alibaba faces when assisting Japanese and Chinese companies to expand their business abroad, as well as the potential he sees in Japan-China businesses going forward.

How is Japanese society going to change through Alibaba’s services?
What were Alibaba’s keys to success on the global market?

What’s more, as the highlight of the event, the participants will have the opportunity to talk directly with the guest speaker!
Feel free to throw questions at Mr. Tanaka which you cannot find out just through the news media as well as your own opinions.

We look forward to your participation!


December 12, 2018 (Wed) 6:15pm-7:45pm (Doors Open 6:00pm)


Room 305, Building 3, Waseda Campus


Waseda Students, Staff and General Public


Talk in Japanese




Not Required (180 seats first come first serve)

Guest Profile

Mr. Toyohito Tanaka

Executive Vice President of Alibaba Japan as well as Chief Operating Officer of Ant Financial Japan.
Not only does he corporate with the local industries to gain international recognition of Japanese products, but also he works as a worldwide partner of the International Olympics Committee (IOC) to promote related projects of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Additionally, he also attempts to utilize services with local people concerned such as Alipay (Chinese online payment and lifestyle app with 700 million users) and Fliggy (Chinese travel search service app with over 270 million registered users) to foster the growth of Japanese tourism, and to revitalize the local economy.


Alibaba Japan


TEL: 03-5286-3990
E-mail:[email protected]

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Room 305, Building 3, Waseda Campus


Wed, 21 Nov 2018

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