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Traditional Japanese Dance “Iwami Kagura” performance! Heroic God, Susano-o vs Eight-Forked Serpent, Orochi ~ (Oct. 3)


In Shimane prefecture the most famous of the traditional performing arts from the Iwami area is “Iwami Kagura”. “Kagura” is a dance based upon ancient Japanese myths and legends, it is performed at festivals to give thanks for a good harvest and catch from the sea. There are of course many such dances all over Japan but amongst them all the “Kagura” is known as the most energetic and passionate.

Now Kagura is performed worldwide, playing its part in showing Japanese culture to people all over the world. Iwami Kagura stands out from all others with its impressive clothing, stage and sets, including a 17 meter long snake costume called a “Jya-dou”, all of which are handmade by master craftsmen.

This term at the ICC, we will have a special performance from the “Marubara Kagura Performance Society”, who have come all the way from the birthplace of  Iwami Kagura in Asahi, Hamada in Shimane Prefecture. From a catalogue of over 30 stories they have carefully chosen two favourites to perform for you; the stories of “Orochi” and “Jinrin”.

In “Orochi” you will see the Explosive and daring tale of the battle between the Eight-Forked Serpent and the heroic god Susano-o, sure to surprise, overwhelm and excite! “Jinrin” tells of two handsome gods that engage in a bitter and fierce fight with two white and red ogres who have arrived from afar on a black cloud to cause trouble. The speed of the ogres dance is something we’re sure you will have never seen before.

So everyone, please come and see this magnificent part of Japanese culture; the great traditional dance of “Iwami Kagura”.

Date & Time

October 3 (Mon) 2016, 4:30pm-6:00pm (Doors Open: 4:00pm)


Waseda Campus, Ono Memorial Auditorium (Building 27, B2F)


Waseda students, staff & the general public


Japanese (With English explanation available)




Not required




Marubara Kagura Performance Society of Asahi, Hamada, Shimane Prefecture


Kanto Asahi Association


ICC TEL: 03-5286-3990   E-mail: [email protected]

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Waseda University Campus, Ono Memorial Auditorium (Building 27, B2F)


Mon, 29 Aug 2016

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