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ICC Talk Session: Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Survivor Lecture: “The Unforgettable Tragedy of the A-bomb” Speaker: Yoshiro Yamawaki (Born 1933, Atomic Bomb Survivor)

  • Date & Time
    July 18th (Sat) 2015 10:40AM-12:10PM (Doors open at 10:30)
  • Place
    Building 11, Room 505
  • Eligibility
    Waseda Students & Staff & General Public
  • Fee
  • Language
    Japanese (with consecutive English interpretation)
  • Registration
    Not Required

On August 9th, 1945 at 11:02AM, the first atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki. The city was completely destroyed and countless lives were lost. The Second World War ended over 70 years ago and already memories have begun to fade. However is order to prevent this from happening again and to work towards a world without nuclear weapons, atomic bomb victims have continued to tell their stories to the younger generations. Sadly though as each year passes the victims grow older and there are less chances to hear their stories.

In an effort to contribute to the eradication of nuclear weapons and strive for world peace, the ICC, the Global Education Center and the Institute of Peace Studies are jointly organizing a lecture event at Waseda.
The Peace Studies related class “21st Century World War & Peace” will be opened to the public so that everybody can have the chance to listen to an atomic bomb survivor’s story.

The speaker, Mr. Yoshiro Yamawaki, was 11 years old and only 2.2km from the hypocenter when the Atomic Bomb was dropped. Along with his 2 siblings, he searched for his father’s body, however there weren’t even enough remains left to cremate. It’s difficult for today’s young generation to imagine such tragedy.

In modern Japan, the debate about the right to collective defense has brought up lots of opinions about the best way to be a “peace-loving nation” while at the same time guarantying security. We hope that this lecture will provide an opportunity for us all to think about what really matters in life.


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Rm. 505, Bldg. 11


Sat, 18 Jul 2015

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