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“Share to be shared” Online Welcome Gathering Participant Report

PhD student, GSAPS 

Japan is the first country I visited outside my home country, which has broadened my horizons. After living in Japan for a while, I found the notification about the ICC event at a time when I felt extremely stressed because of culture shock, so I decided to participate in this event.

In the meetings, I received kind-hearted support from the ICC host and felt connected with other students and with student life. I listened to stories from other students who shared their experiences, opportunities, knowledge learnt from their study program and maybe problems in normal life just like me. I also shared my experiences living here as well as the differences compared with my home country. We learnt a lot from each other.

Also, I tried to find students coming from my home country, students in my graduate school and students with the same or similar major and luckily I found one. We had a meaningful conversation about life in Japan, student life and research interests. Luckily enough, we were all at the Waseda campus during the event, so we found and met each other in person after the event, shared contact information and still keep in touch so far. She told me her story about why she chose to study at Waseda University, what she will do after graduation, and offered that I can contact her anytime when I have trouble.

For those who might be thinking about joining ICC events in the future, it is a helpful event organized by very lovely hosts. You are probably meeting lifelong friends here. I highly recommend you to participate in ICC events.

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