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Participant Report: Making multicultural friends at ICC Music Lunches (April 2021)

Khitrova Yulia
Graduate School of International Culture and Communication Studies

I participated in both Music Café eventsthe K-Pop Café (4/16) and the Piano and Disney Music Café (4/21). 

We started off the K-Pop event by watching about a 10-minute video of K-Pop dance by the circle called Waseda University Twinkle. I’ve always been impressed with how talented the art circles at Waseda University are and how much effort they put into their activities. They are just students, but their performances are on an impressively high level. I’m sure they can be enjoyed by anyone! 

The second Café started off with a video performance by the Waseda Piano Society, and the Waseda University Disney Research Society also showed their presentation. I got the impression that this is a club where students who share common interests can meet each other and just have a good time. I’m glad to see that at Waseda there are both, circles where you can develop your own abilities through effort and circles where you can make friends and have a good time. 

I originally thought we’d be listening to music while we talked, but first, there was a 10-minute allotted time to listen to the circles’ music so everyone could appreciate it. In a way, that time was pretty convenient to have lunch before the discussion starts. 

Then we went into break-out rooms to talk. By coincidence, almost no one in my K-Pop café room knew much about K-Pop. However, that didn’t stop us from talking! The topic quickly turned to Korean TV shows, and then to TV shows around the world. Everyone shared what TV shows they like and what TV shows are produced in their country. We diverged from the topic, but communication is what’s most important, isn’t it? 

I hope that after the situation with Corona calms down we will have a chance to meet at ICC and talk to each other while enjoying good music. 

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