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Event Report: The impact of volunteering on society, Online English Discussion Café with Vietnam Japan University & DOORS Student Volunteering Project (Dec. 17, 2020)

Graduate School of International Culture and Communication Studies
ICC Student Staff Leader 

We just had a short time for preparation but, as the organizer, I’m glad that we had a good number of participants and everyone seemed very satisfied with the online event. 

The event included presentations about both universities and countries, as well as about volunteering in Vietnam, Japan and Myanmar. After that, participants had a great time talking about volunteerism and also about culture and other things which they were interested in. This report will show you some thoughts of why I decided to hold the event and about the actual event.   

So, many of you may ask, why Volunteerism and why Vietnam? 

Volunteering is a very good way to connect with and give back to the community. Dedicating our time as a volunteer helps us make new friends, expanding our network, and boosting our social skills. It’s one of the activities that every student should experience during their school life.  

Japan has a strong economy and many Japanese students are not so familiar with the volunteer work in less-developed Asian countries. So, as a Vietnamese who did a lot of volunteer work there and also in other countries, I want to encourage other students to open their minds to see what’s happening in different countries. Lately, there have been many big storms which brought very serious floods to the middle part of Vietnam. A lot of Vietnamese students are volunteering to help the people in those provinces despite how hard the work is; that made this event more meaningful. 

Before the event, I believed the students could get inspiration for volunteering as well as understand how important it is by taking part in the event. If the participants are able to realize this, hopefully they can learn to appreciate their own life now and try their best to make a more sustainable world. The main target audience of this event was the students who like volunteering and doing meaningful things to give back to society. Additionally, there will be students who are interested in Vietnam. I know that there are Vietnamese language classes at Waseda University. So, I thought it would be nice for those students to make Vietnamese friends and practice the language. 

The event 

This event was not supposed to be held this semester, so we didn’t have much time for advertising. However, according to the post-event survey results, it seems all of our participants had a great time joining the event. For me, I really appreciated the cooperation of the Vietnam Japan University staff and students and the Waseda circle DOORS. I found that the presentations from DOORS and VJU contained hugely interesting, helpful and attractive content. All of them had done a lot of hard work, and were very responsible about preparations that helped the audience to be clear and gain more knowledge about Vietnam, Japan, Myanmar and the volunteer work in these countries. Especially, I think using Prezi was a brilliant idea for making a smooth presentation. 

After the presentationsparticipants were divided into break-out rooms for free discussion. To increase the chance of making new friends, I made two sessions of break-out rooms. In my first group, I met one Myanmar friend from VJU, who made an introduction of himself which I thought was so cool and brilliant. Then we had an ice-breaker game, which made us laugh a lot while getting to know each other. Following that was talk about volunteerism. The participants were not only from Japan, Vietnam and Myanmar but also from other countries like Germany, Hong Kong, Korea…. In my opinion, the discussion was not only full of happiness but also very useful knowledge for my daily life. I really hope that all of the participants also felt the same and that their knowledge about volunteerism was deepened through the event, too.  

In the future, I’m thinking of making more events like this. Since many of you couldn’t come to Japan due to the COVID-19 situation, this kind of event would make the distance lessyou could have real contact with people from all over the world without going on an airplane, and, most of all, you could share your knowledge with others also. I hope to see you guys again in future ICC events ^^~~ 

 Here are some thoughts from the participants that I’d love to share:  

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