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ICC Student Staff Graduation Report: Staying together

BEAUCAMP, Philip Benjamin
Graduate School of Fundamental Science and Engineering
ICC Student Staff Leader : November 2018- July 2020

I am writing this graduation report during unprecedented times. Coronavirus has changed all our lives tremendously and we will most probably feel its consequences for a long time. This year has been tough for many students as well as the student staff leaders at the ICC . I wish I’d seen my friends and colleagues as well the many daily visitors who come to our lounge more often this year, but unfortunately, we all had to be patient and spend more time apart from each other than usual.

Nevertheless, these last couple of months especially have reminded me of so many great things I have experienced at the ICC and all the reasons I loved working there and being part of the team. As university students we often take it for granted how many people we get to meet and to know, from so many different, diverse backgrounds. It is wonderful sharing ideas and learning something new about a culture or language that we were completely unaware of. ICC is one of those places that make these things possible for us. It does not matter if one works at the ICC or is simply a participant at one of the many events, one is guaranteed to experience cultural exchange and be exposed to new ideas.  For me one of the best things about attending ICC events was that I was able to approach  and be approached by other people, who I would have otherwise never met.

I remember chatting with members of the many different clubs and circles there are at Waseda University and even join some of them. After holding a Kansai-ben event I created I had the opportunity to give a similar presentation at one of Waseda’s classes and meet new friends. I met and talked with an ambassador and many smart and unique entrepreneurs. All these memories will stay with me for a long time.

Finally, I cannot help but say thank you to all the student staff leaders and everyone else who worked with me at the ICC. It is rare to find that many incredibly open-minded and diverse thinking people in one place. The colleagues I had the pleasure to work with were one of the nicest people to be around and I count all of them as good friends of mine. In many cases these friendships went beyond just ICC and spending time together at the ICC as well as outside of it become a normal occurrence.

If anyone else is interested in finding out more about the world outside of just university classes and having similar experience like I did, I can highly recommend being part of the ICC, becoming a student staff leader or simply attending ICC events. I know I will be back at the ICC for many more times even after my graduation!

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