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ICC Event Planner’s Report: Let’s make your one and only glass! with ICC × WASEDA Monodukuri Workshop

JY.F.(Student Staff Leader)

12/06, “Let’s make your one and only glass! with ICC × WASEDA Monodukuri Workshop” was held. As the planner, first I want to thank for all the staffs of WASEDA Monodukuri Workshop for preparing all the materials and being the teacher for the day.

The event was quite a brand new event since everyone had the chance to make something on their own. Since I am a student from Science and Engineering Department, I always wanted to have an event related to my campus and my major. So the idea of “making something unique” just jumped onto my mind. However, it took a long time to decide what to make since the product should be both interesting and not too expensive. Finally, we decided to make the very unique glass and every participant would have the chance to use their imagination to create their own design and then use the sand-blasting machine to complete the work.

During the event, participants not only enjoyed creating the design but also interact with each other. Surprisingly, although we only provided some simple figures for participants to use, many people created a wonderful design which is beyond my imagination.

As the planner, I was really happy to see a lot of people came to the event and ended up with smile on their faces (and of course a beautiful cup).

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WASEDA Monodukuri Workshop (ものづくり工房 Monozukuri Koubou)


Thu, 21 Feb 2019

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