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ICC Event Report: Emergency Safety Tour

Graduate School of Sport Sciences

I had a chance to participate the emergency safety tour at Ikebukuro Life Safety Learning Center on 13 October 2018. Firstly I would like to thanks to Ikebukuro Life Safety Learning Center and ICC for holding this event. I heard about this field trip from ICC 1 week after I arrive to Japan. I think that I was very lucky to hear about this trip early.
I decided to participate this field trip because I have heard a lot of natural disasters in Japan such as Earthquake, Tsunami, and Typhoons and so on. Since, I have to stay in Japan about 3 years for study, I think that it’s very important to know how to prepare and deal with the real situation. After I participate this event, I’m very impressed about this event. I had a chance to practice disasters including an earthquake trial which is the same level as the real earthquake situation. Moreover, I learned how to prepare for a spreading fire and had a chance to exchange the experience with other participates from many countries.
Finally, I would like Ikebukuro Life Safety Learning Center and ICC to hold this event again. It’s very useful for the new foreigner like me. I got a lot of knowledge and experience from this event. I’m looking forward to participate the event again.


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Ikebukuro Life Safety Learning Center


Thu, 15 Nov 2018

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