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ICC Event Report: Hindu Lunch

SILS 3rd year

I was a supporter for the Hindhu Lunch Event on 23rd of October, and presented about Hindu in Bali, Indonesia. There’s a lot of special things about Hinduism– and my Hindu, Balinese Hinduism, is quite different from India’s Hinduism. Do Hindu people eat beef? Is the Bali Hindu different from India’s Hindu? Aren’t the majority of Indonesians Muslim? In my presentation, I tried to answer questions people usually have and answer the common misconception of Hinduism, such as how the people pray differently and the rules aren’t that strict. I explained the lifestyle of a Hindu from my personal experience. After the presentation time, I got to chat with the supporters who stayed behind. They were intrigued about the Silent Day in Bali, and there were some people who’ve been to Bali and they shared their experience in Bali with me. We also had the Balinese and Indian snacks in the event. I had a fun time chatting with the audience.

Overall, this is a great and fun experience! I am looking forward to joining more ICC events and be a supporter again.


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Sun, 11 Nov 2018

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