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★ICC★ Join ICC stamp rally and get amazing prizes! / ICCスタンプラリーに参加してステキな賞品をゲットしよう!

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STEP1: ICCラウンジで下記のスタンプラリー・カードを入手する!

STEP2: カードの裏に書かれた簡単なミッションをクリアする!

STEP3: ステキな賞品をゲットする!

At the Waseda University Intercultural Communication Center (ICC) we host over 250 events every year to help local and international students mix and share their cultures. There’s no membership, if you’re a Waseda student and have the time and the will you can take part in any of our events! Moreover, most of our events are free of charge and don’t require registration beforehand!

To help you enjoy the ICC’s events even more, this semester we are holding the “ICC Stamp Rally”, where you can win prizes just by participating in ICC events! Whether you love the ICC, been interested but not participated yet, or have not heard of us before, use this chance and take up the challenge! We have ICC original goods as well as some great prizes in store for you!

<How to Participate>

STEP1: Get a stamp rally card as below at ICC lounge!

STEP2: Complete easy missions written on the back of the card!

STEP3: Get amazing prizes!



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