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Leaving Your Mark (Eric Youn [ユン エリック])

pic131017-1Eric Youn(ユン エリック)
School of International Liberal Studies
ICC Student Staff Leader:
June 2013-July 2015



That’s the keyword that struck me at my student staff leader (SSL) recruitment session. The session covered a lot of things, explaining the different jobs of the SSLs.??????????????????????????????? The SSL presenting at the time talked about what an integral part the SSLs are to the ICC and the qualities and skills required. The criteria seemed like a tough wall to climb. It ranged from things like creativity to being physically strong. I looked around to see everyone attentively listening, some even taking notes. I remember saying to myself, “These people don’t look physically strong…” The presentation continued, covering all the small things that the SSLs do around the ICC. When it was nearing the end, the SSL concluded with this last point:

0002“I am sure that everything that is written in the recruitment requirement section is important and you do need to clear all the requirements. Also, all of these qualities like reliability, diligence, leadership, open-mindedness, flexibility, etc. are undoubtedly essential when working at the ICC. However, if there is one quality that stands out the most, it’s passion. If you have the passion for the things that we do at the ICC, you’ll have no problem.”



0003It rang clear in my head. Prior to applying for the ICC, I was a part of two school sports clubs. When I joined, my intentions were clear: I was going to be number one in Japan. However, neither had worked out due to unforeseen circumstances and schedule conflicts. More than anything, I wanted to find something that I could commit myself to and leave my mark. My willingness and commitment was there. All I needed was something to commit to. Fast forward two years and here I am, writing my report which is the last task assigned to SSLs that are leaving the ICC. A lot has happened. Just like with anything, there were a lot of ups and many downs. Looking back, what kept me going was the passion to make a difference. I was in search of a place to dedicate my skills and passion to give back to the community and grow as a person. I found that at the ICC and it has afforded me with a plethora of opportunities.
It is unmistakably true that the ICC demands a lot from the SSLs. Thus, all of these qualities are desired in SSLs. However, in my opinion, if there is one quality that triumphs all, it is passion. If you are passionate about the work we do at the ICC, everything else will eventually come with it. These past two years at the ICC have been a memorable experience. Through various events, I feel fortunate that I have been able to leave my mark on the ICC. More importantly though, the ICC has afforded me with an invaluable experience, going forward to my next challenge and future endeavors.


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