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About office Hours (November 16)

April 1, 2021
Health Support Center

Office hours are as follows.
Please note that the schedule is subject to change according to the spread of new coronavirus infection.
Please make sure to measure your temperature before leaving your place, wear a mask and carefully observe your health condition.
Thank you very much in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

When you enter the building no.25-2, please make sure to measure your temperature with a thermo-camera which is located on the 2nd floor.

Both your insurance card and student ID card are required for receiving medical treatment.
The medical treatment is partially covered by health insurance and the remaining medical bills will be charged at the Reception counter.
Regular students may receive medical fee partial reimbursement from the Waseda University Student Health Promotion Mutual Aid Association. 

(1) Reception <Bldg.25-2 2F>
Mon-Fri 10:00~16:30
Sat 10:00~12:00
※The reception may be closed irregularly. Please check here for the latest calender.

(2) Office <Bldg.25-2 2F>
℡ 03-3202-0580 (ext.) 71-5503
Mon-Fri 9:00~12:30 / 13:30~16:00

(3) Medical treatment
Reservations are required to receive medical treatment.
Please make sure to call us in advance and make a reservation.
Depending on your symptom we may guide you to an external medical institution.
※Please check here for closure schedule.

【Medical Examination and Treatment Room】 <Bldg.25-2 3F>
℡ 03-5286-3984 (ext.) 71-5495
Clinic hours:Mon-Fri 10:00~12:30 / 14:00~16:30 (reservation required)
Sat 10:00~12:00 (reservation required)
Emergency treatment:Mon-Sat 9:00~16:00

【Psychiatric Treatment Room <Bldg.25-2 5F>
℡ 03-5286-8743 (ext.) 71-5486
Clinic hours:Mon-Fri 9:30~11:30 / 13:30~16:00 (reservation required)
Reservation reception time:Mon-Fri 9:00~16:00

(4) Student Counseling Room <Bldg.25-2 6F>
℡ 03-3203-4449 (ext.) 71-5413
Office hours (Reservation priority):Mon-Fri 9:00~12:00 / 13:00~17:00
※Please refer to the Student counseling room HP for office hours of Toyama Branch, Nishi-Waseda Branch and Tokorozawa Branch.
Legal consultation (Reservation required): 13:30~17:00
※Please refer to the following page for the schedule of Legal consultation. →Click here

(5) Health-care Room <Bldg.25 1F>
℡ 03-5386-9800 (ext.) 71-5481
Health consultation by health nurse:Mon-Fri 9:00~12:30 / 13:30~16:00
Health consultation by physician:Mon-Fri 13:30~15:40
※Please refer to the following page for detail on Health Check Certificate. →Click here

(6) Branches

  • Waseda Branch <Bldg.3 1F> :Mon-Fri 9:30~16:00
  • Toyama Branch <Bldg.33 B1F> :Mon-Fri 10:00~16:00
  • Nishi-Waseda Branch <Bldg.51 1F> :Mon-Fri 10:00~16:00 (Clinic hours: 13:30~15:40)
  • Tokorozawa Branch <Bldg.100 3F> :Mon-Fri 10:00~16:00
    ※Please contact Tokorozawa Branch for Clinic hours. (Tel: 04-2947-6706)
  • Honjo Branch <Bldg.93 1F> :Mon-Fri 13:30~16:00 *Tue 13:00~16:00
    ※For contact information of each branch, click here.

【Contact information for inquiries regarding new coronavirus (e-mail only)】

Student: [email protected]
Faculty and staff: [email protected]
Reference materials regarding new coronavirus:

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