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In order to realize “Connected Industries” for Society 5.0, we have to develop a cyber physical system, where the real world and cyber spaces are effectively and efficiently united to each other. Furthermore, according to the government report, over 50 billion IoT (Internet-of-Things) devices are connected to the network in the year 2020 and the real IoT society will be established very soon.

Based on the backgrounds above, we mainly focus on the three topics below:

(1) IoT society: In order to realize “Connected Industries,” we focus on next-generation computing, which includes AI (Artificial Intelligence) chip design and quantum computing (quantum annealing and quantum gate computing).

(2) IoT security: We focus on multidisciplinary IoT security, which includes IoT system security, IoT chip security, and IoT device security.

(3) IoT application: We focus on a variety of IoT applications, which includes virtual reality and augmented reality applications for “Connected Industries.”

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