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The problem of climate change is a serious one which affects the entire planet, and the government is responding by making the realization of an environmentally-friendly and sustainable low carbon society a national goal. “Green innovation” is being promoted as a means of achieving this goal, and a key emphasis of this innovation is, in addition to finding solutions to the problem of climate change, to have it serve as a driving engine of Japan’s “New Growth Strategy.”

Waseda University has been actively engaged in research into ultra-low power processors, cloud systems, smart grids and a variety of other next-generation ICT which contributes to the “low carbon by ICT” that is an essential part of green innovation; this research has primarily been centered in the Faculty of Science and Engineering, the Information Technology Research Organization, the Global Information and Telecommunication Institute and the Information, Production and Systems Research Center, amongst others. Waseda University also actively works with industry, such as through the NEDO Matching Funds initiative, collaborative research or contract research, in order to contribute to society.

In April 2011, thanks to the support of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Project for Industrial Technology Research and Development Facilities, work was completed on the construction of the “Green Computing Systems Research and Development Center” which will serve as a new center for collaborative research between industry and academia. And the primary organization driving research at this new center will be the “Green Computing Systems Research Organization” (GCSRO).

The GCSRO will promote collaborative research and development between industry and academia into green ICT, centering on ultra-low power, high-performance, many-core processors. In order to achieve its goals, the GCSRO will tackle a wide range of research challenges, including architectural, chip design technology, compiler technology, software technology and other elemental technology issues, as well as the development of applications for servers, IoT, robots, automobiles and other devices that will utilize ultra-low power, high-performance, many-core processors. The GCSRO is also a cutting-edge research center which engages in campus-wide and industry-academia collaborative research projects; it attracts the foremost researchers from throughout Japan and the world; and it is an active participant in academic exchange. Your support and assistance is, therefore, greatly appreciated.

Director, Green Computing Systems Research Organization
Keiji Kimura

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