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At the organizational and individual level, globalization continues apace in software development in order to secure international competitiveness driven by national and regional disparities in economic situation. Specifically, at the organizational level, software development and operation via remote collaboration, etc., between stakeholders and groups of organizations in different countries and regions, and at the individual level, the hiring and utilization of engineering labor across borders, is being carried out.

In order to implement these efficiently and effectively, it is essential to put in place a software development infrastructure which promotes smooth dialog and the sharing of results in a remote, multilingual, diverse environment and to have practical standardization for results and technologies, processes and engineering global standards, as exemplified by the ISO/IEC international standards, deployed within this infrastructure. However, due to a wide array of considerations involving projects, processes and people, as well as the limited number of opportunities for joint collaboration between development infrastructure researchers in universities and global standards developers and practitioners in companies, infrastructure development and standardization remains insufficient and unverified.

The Global Software Engineering Laboratory, therefore, conducts investigative research on global software engineering centering on infrastructure development and standardization, using as its basis the software development infrastructure research results on various areas including modeling, program analysis, reuse, development environment and quality assurance established by the researchers in the laboratory, the software engineering educational results of Waseda University, and the many years of research practice results for organizational activity and global standards. The software which is the focus of development includes both that which is geared towards enterprise systems and that which is geared towards embedded systems, and the aim is to clarify that which is common and that which is specialized in the context of infrastructure and standardization. In the case of taking the overall energy efficiency of development and operation and incorporating it into standardization, for example, component and reuse-oriented eco-friendly development generally needs to be common to all systems while improving the efficiency of calculation algorithms (eco-friendly calculations) and increasing the efficiency of resource usage (eco-friendly resource usage) needs to be system-specific.

By compiling these research results into methodologies and a body of knowledge which can be made publicly available, this will benefit not only Waseda University and the companies to which Global Software Engineering Laboratory researchers belong, it will be expected to benefit industry and academia throughout the world by contributing to the cultivation of human resources capable of handling global software development as well as efficiently and effectively furthering global development.


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