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Mission of GCS Center

Moving towards a low-carbon society


The Green Computing Systems Research and Development Center is a collaborative industrial, government, and academic research facility built through the support of the Project for Industrial Technology Research and Development Facilities, which is being conducted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry with the aim of realizing a low-carbon society. The center houses research and development activities for globally competitive next-generation multicore/many-core hardware and software as well as applied technologies that are energy efficient, high-performance, compact, and quiet, that do not require cooling fans and can run on solar cells. The center also aims to develop human resources for creating the next generation of high added value technology.

Collaborations involding industry, government, and academia

relration_engAt the center, we conduct collaborative research and development involving industry, government, and academic groups. These activities focus on multicore and many-core processors with extremely low power consumption, as well as the application of these processors in consumer electronics, medical imaging processors, automobiles, robots, cloud servers, and ultra-high-performance computers for natural disaster simulation etc.. Coordination between the processors we have developed and the world’s only high-performance OSCAR compiler with power reduction capability has furthered the development of products that are highly reliable, consume little power, and have a high degree of software productivity, cost effectiveness, and inter-operability—making them extremely competitive in the world market. These and other accomplishments have taken us a step further in our role as a trusted and reliable world leader in science and technology.

Major research topics and accomplishments

Research on low power consumption many-core processors, parallel compilers, APIs, and applied technologies

  • Research and development of multicore/many-core processors with extremely low power consumption that are capable of running on solar cells and natural cooling
  • Research and development of parallelized compilers that use multicore/many-core processors, allowing them to automatically generate high-performance parallel programs with low power consumption, shortening development times for application programs and improving software productivity
  • Research and development of APIs that will run parallel programs using multicore/many-core processors at different companies
  • Research and development of applied technologies for multicore/many-core processors, including intelligent home appliances, cloud computing, robots, automobiles, and medical image processing

User-friendly human interfaces by means of many-core processors with low power consumption

  • Research and development of user-friendly human interfaces, including robots, intelligent home appliances, mobile phones, and more
  • Research and development of communication interfaces that allow robots to engage in smooth conversations with multiple participants

Software engineering for embedded systems and many-core processors with low power consumption

  • Research and development of embedded software technology including advanced modularization and model-driven development technology, such as an aspect-oriented programming framework for reducing power during both static and dynamic execution
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