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Cancellation of Waseda university career center events (Feb.26-Mar.24)

To all Waseda university students,

In order to prevent further spreading of the Novel Coronavirus-infected Pneumonia, Waseda University has determined the performance policy for university-organized events scheduled from now until March 24:

Preventive measures for the spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) regarding events organized by the university

As for career center events, we regretfully announce the cancellation of the following events scheduled on from February 26 to March 24:

  1. February 26 公務員志望者のための面接対策講座(講義編)
  2. February 27 Group discussion Practice for international students
  3. February 28 Group interview practice for international students
  4. March 1-7, 9, and 10 On-campus recruiting talks in Japanese
  5. March 11-14 On-campus recruiting talks in English

For #1-#3, we have uploaded the past contents on Course [email protected] so that you can watch them online(Mywaseda[email protected]→キャリア・就職支援講座(〇〇年度入学者)).

For #4 and #5, we are planning to set a special corner on web so that you are able to know about companies. We will announce you the details as soon as we prepare.

Also, we request to cancel the following events although these are not presented by us:

  1. March 12<人事院主催>国家公務員総合職中央省庁セミナー(技術系)@国際会議場
  2. March 13<人事院主催>国家公務員総合職中央省庁セミナー(事務系)@国際会議場

Given the importance of these events to those who are undergoing job-hunting activities, we understand that this news is astonishing. You may feel anxious about your further job-hunting activities as other external career events have also been cancelled recently. Therefore, we are seeking alternative options to support your activities like mentioning above and others.  In most of all, we will make every effort to support you with the consideration of your safety on top of the priorities. We thank you for your understanding.


February 25, 2020
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