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Visa Matters

  • Our reception hours for visa changed from July 1.

Continuing Job-Hunting Activities after Graduation

I hold a student visa. I am graduating in this September. I am trying to get my job in Japan, yet I haven’t found one. I would like to continue job-hunting activities in Japan after graduation . Do I need to change my student visa to something else?

The answer is YES.  Student visa holders who wish to stay in Japan to continue their job-hunting, they need to change their visa to  “Designated Activities (continuation of job-hunting).”

  Designated Activities visa (Continuation of job-hunting) 特定活動ビザ(継続就職活動)

  • Allows you to stay in Japan for a maximum of about 1 year after graduating.
  • Valid for 6 months and may be renewed only once for a maximum of 1 year.
  • This visa change is for degree students ONLY; non-degree students are not eligible.
  • The Ministry of Justice states that this visa change for degree students.
    (The website in Japanese only)
     You can apply for the following permission with designated activities visa application:

  • Permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted(資格外活動ビザ) *You may work up to 28 hours per week

・We will strongly advise that you apply for the change BEFORE you graduate, as visa application procedure will take time (about 1 month ) at Immigration bureau.

・Proxy(substitute) application is not acceptable. Applicant himself/herself must show up to the career center.

Procedure Flow

1. Check if you fulfill all the conditions mentioned above.
2.Come to the career center with necessary documents(see “documents to prepare”).
3. Receive a recommendation letter from career center (Note that 1 business day will take to issue the letter).
4. Go to the immigration bureau and apply for visa.*Note that the whole procedure (procedure at the career center and at the immigration bureau) will take about a month.

Documents to prepare

The following documents are required in order to support your application:

Document name Explanation
1. Expense certification documents

Documents certifying your ability to cover all expenses during your stay in Japan (ex. a copy of bankbook).

If your family is to defray expenses, present a document substantiating the person’s defraying ability and a statement describing the background.

2. Diploma or certificate of graduation or certificate of expected graduation Latest version. Ask your school office for detail.
3. Recommendation letter from Career center
4. Job-hunting documents Documents verifying you have continued full-time job-hunting

Recommendation Letter

General information about recommendation letters

  • We issue recommendation letters on the next business day you apply.
  • The important yet difficult document you collect is the documents certifying your job-hunting activities.

The Career Center issues a recommendation letter when you satisfy all of the following conditions:

# Condition
1 You have started job-hunting while enrolling in the University as a full-time student and have been continuing the job-hunting activities until today.
2 You have completed the registration procedures, “進路希望登録” through MyWaseda.
3 You have prepared the following documents:
A. Application form(推薦状発行願)
B. Job-hunting activities report (外国人留学生就職活動経過報告書)
       Your job-hunting activities report

  • The description of your job-hunting activities in the report must be verified objectively.
  • Keep record of your activities (schedule, interview, group discussion, seminars, etc.)
  • Retain written correspondence such as announcements and e-mails from companies.
  • The evidence of job-hunting date must be within last 3 months prior to the day you apply.

Apply for the recommendation letter before you graduate!

The issue date of documents are important. Here are the examples of date. Any excess date of documentation are NOT acceptable for any reason (meaning we are not able to issue a recommendation letter).

Still Enrolled in University

Application date: July 1, 2019
Job-hunting evidence date: April 2, 2019 or later. (Valid 3months from the application date)
*April 1 or older date is invalid.

Graduated from University

Graduation date:March 15, 2019
Application date: May 1, 2019
Job-hunting evidence date: March 1 or later. (Valid 3months from the application date)

*At least 1 document must be dated before graduation to prove that you have been job-hunting before graduation.
*Other 2 evidence dates may be after graduation (Still valid 3month from the application date).

Invalid application

Graduation date:March 15, 2019
Application date: August 1, 2019
Job-hunting evidence date: None (Unable to apply for recommendation letter)

*In this case valid document date is May 1 or later, but 1 document should be during his/her enrollment. Since the graduation date is March 15, there is no way of submitting any valid documents fulfilling the condition of job-hunting activities document before graduation.

Reception Hours for Visa

Visa reception time (regular time)
Monday – Friday 9:00- 17:00 *Visa matters are not available on Saturday
*Office closed on major national holidays
Summer vacation (August 3 – September 20)
Monday – Friday 9:00- 17:00
*Office closed during August 10 – 18
Winter vacation (December 24 – January 5)
Monday – Friday 9:00- 17:00
*Office closed during December 29, 2019 – January 6, 2020.
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