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For Alumni

Support for Alumni

The Career Center provides the following services:
-One-to-one career consultation
-Access to the OB/OG contact address
-Watching career-related DVDs/BDs
-Borrowing career-related books

*In order to use our services, alumni need to register.
*CJL students and non-degree students are exclusive for this service.

Registration for alumni career services

Registration procedure for alumni career services is as follows:
Sign up for the registration form through MyWaseda.

  1. You will be able to make reservation of career consultation and job-searching service in a week or so.
  2. Come to the Career center with your identification (such as residence card or passport) to receive your “career registration card.”
  3. You are ready to use our services!

Career Registration Card

1.Validity of the career registration card
The career registration card is valid for 1 year after registration.

2.Agreement of your personal data usage and registration
We consider that you agree the following matters when you register for “Waseda career services for alumni:”
-Usage of your personal data under Waseda University personal data protection rules
-Usage of your lifetime address in order to login to Career+ UC
-Submission of job application card pursuant according to Employment Security Act
-Recording of career consultations

When you change your address or phone number, please kindly contact Waseda University Alumni Association to update your personal information.

Job Vacancy Information

The University receives many recruitment (job offer) notices every year. Most of such notices are meant for fresh graduates and some also cater to our young alumni. Access the Career Compass 「キャリアコンパス」 from MyWaseda to learn more about the many recruitment (job offer) notices.

Visa Matters

Student visa holders after graduation

You need to change your visa status to an appropriate one before graduation. Because your visa will be inappropriate after graduation. Here is an example:

Ken holds a student visa which expires on Jan. 20, 2022.
He will be graduating on Sep. 15, 2021, and wanting to travel Kyoto and Kyushu.

He needs to change his student visa to a short-stay visa for traveling Japan after graduation, since his visa status is inappropriate (he is not a student anymore). For changing procedure, please refer to the CIE page.

Continuing job-hunting after graduation

Student visa holders who wish to stay in Japan and continue to seek employment after graduation, can apply for the change of their status of residence to “Designated activities (to continue seeking employment).” To apply for it, they need to obtain a letter of recommendation from the Career Center. For more details, please visit our webpage below and refer to the Ministry of Justice official website.

External Services

There are may career support websites besides Waseda university. Please utilize them.

【Open Hours】The open hours are changed due to the COVID-19 impact. See here for the current open hours.
 Weekdays 9:00~18:00 Saturdays 9:00~17:00
 *The open hours during vacations are HERE
【Contact Information】
 Tel : 03-3203-4332  
 e-mail : career#list.waseda.jp
 *Change "#" to "@" when you send an email.
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