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New English-based Master’s degree program will be launched in the area of Sport Sciences

Waseda University Graduate School of Sport Sciences is proud to announce that an English-based two-year master’s degree program with two areas of specialization, “Health and Exercise Science” and “Sport Management,” starts in September, 2018. This new program is designed to expose students to advanced knowledge in each area of specialization and exciting research opportunities in the field and/or laboratory setting. With the completion of course work and research, graduates will be prepared to apply their knowledge and experience to improve the health and wellness of their community, pursue their professional career and contribute to the world of sport sciences in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic-Paralympic Games and beyond.


(1) Degree: Master of Sport Sciences

(2) Areas of specialization: Health and Exercise Science and Sport Management

(3) Starting date:September 2018

(4) Graduation requirements: 30 credits of course work and a master’s thesis

Two areas of specialization

Health and Exercise Science

The master’s program with a specialization of health and exercise science is designed to help students develop a thorough understanding of the basic principles and comprehensive knowledge related to health and exercise science. Students will learn fundamental research skills in the topic of their choice within the field of specialization. Conducting their own research projects and submitting a master’s thesis are required for completing the master’s degree program.

  • Classes offered:Biodynamics, Biomechanics, Brain function, Cognitive neuroscience and psychiatry of sports, Life science, Motor control, Preventive medicine, etc.
Sport Management

The master’s program with a specialization of sport management focus on the effective management of sport organizations such as national and international sport governing bodies,  professional sports leagues, teams and clubs. Students will acquire knowledge on various management elements related to sport such as Sport management, Sport marketing, Sport governance, Sport policy, Sport event and facility management, Sport finance and economics, Sport in society, and Historical foundation of sport, and from these academic viewpoints, they analyze sport phenomena and conduct research that leads to policy planning.

  • Classes offered: Sport management, Sport marketing, Sport governance and policy, Sport event and facility management, Sport finance and economics, Sport in society, Historical foundations of modern sport, etc.


(1) Deadline:May 14 (Mon) 2018 [Overseas Application must ARRIVE by the deadline.]

(2) Screening Method:Document Screen

(3) Announcement of successful applicants:June 14 (Thu) 2018

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