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【Language: Japanese / Korean 】Symposium “Legal Reaction to Fourth Industrial Revolution in Korea and Japan” will be held on 21 September 2019

Item: Symposium

Date: Saturday, 21 September 2019, 9:00 to 18:30

Subject: “Legal Reaction to Fourth Industrial Revolution in Korea and Japan”

Venue: Conference Room 1 (5F), Bldg.9, Waseda Campus, Waseda University

Host: Institute of Comparative Law, Waseda University, Joint Research Project “Comparative Studies of Intellectual Property Law and International Trade Law”

Co-Host: Association of Content Property for Next Generation (Korea)

(1) Part 1 Chairperson: CHOE, Kongwoong (Lawyer) (Korea)

1. The issues of data legislative policy in the data economy era – focused on the use of pseudonym information, safe controls of medical information, and combination of aggregated information
JEON, Eungjun  (Lawyer) (Korea)

2. Status and Problems of Korean Regulatory Sandbox
KIM, Inchul (Associate Professor, Sangmyung University)(Korea)

(2) Part 2 Chairperson: CHOI, Seungsoo (Lawyer) (Korea)

3. Issues about internationaljurisdiction and evidence issues in the cloud environment
LEE, Gyooho (Professor, Chung-ang University)(Korea)

4. Protection of Personal Information in the Contents Industry
KATAOKA, Tomoyuki (Lawyer)(Japan)

(3) Part 3 Chairperson:  EIZUMI, Yoshinobu (Professor, Waseda University)(Japan)

5. Big Datain Private International Law
ITO, Takaya (Associate Professor, Aoyama Gakuin University)(Japan)

6. Functions and Issues of International Treaty in Intellectual Property: Significance of the Joint Proposal by Japan and Korea
TANEMURA, Yusuke (Associate Professor, Waseda University)(Japan)

(4) Part 4 Chairperson: SHIN, Donghwan (Lawyer)(Korea)

7. Discussion

8. Summary of Study Group
KIDANA, Shoichi (Emeritus Professor, Waseda University)(Japan)

Language: Korean / Japanese

Organizer: Associate Professor, TANEMURA, Yusuke (Research Staff, Faculty of Law, Waseda University)

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